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Luxury Sprinter Van Rentals

About Us

Luxury with a little love on the side, Premier Luxury Sprinter Vans is a small family owned and operated business based out of New Jersey. Sister company to Premier Luxury RV Rentals, and newly established, we treat our clients like they’re apart of our family.

Our fleet of Mercedes sprinter vans ranges from 6 to 15 passenger seating styles and each van provides unique amenities for your journey. Our inventory of vans is ever expanding from our own personal fleet to the consignment vehicles that we subcontract.

Premier Luxury Sprinter Vans can provide rentals for all occasions including, family vacations, weddings, corporate events, group events, business meetings, private excursions, tailgates and much more! Call us or schedule your rental online today and let Premier Luxury Sprinter Vans send you off on your next adventure in comfort and style – all with ease. 


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Family Owned

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6-15 Passenger Seating

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All Occasions

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